"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history." -Cardinal Francis George

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Devin Rose on the biggest obstacle on the road to back to Christendom

Devin Rose has a great post today about an obstacle on the road back to Christendom, or as he put it, getting back to the land.

What is the #1 obstacle?

(Cue pink Floyd)


I agree with him. This is perhaps the biggest obstacle for us first generation types who see the merit in a flight from cubicle to farm.
Can this obstacle be overcome? I don't think so. Don't wait around for my characteristic cheery attitude on this one. Unless a miracle happens, or someone is independently wealthy, it just ain't gonna happen folks! Still worth trying though.

More on that later.


  1. But David don't you hope to overcome it (in some way)?

  2. Well, yes, as much as I can, but no. after reading You Can Farm, I realized that it is nearly imposible for someone at my stage in life to completely be where I want to be (ideally) by the time I pass the baton. And you and Salatin are right, money is the big one.
    But also my (and yours) vision includes things like multigenerational communities. Those cant just appear out of thin air. It will take time. That community aspect is the real kicker. Even if you got your land Devin, how many others would be able to get land near you?

    And Devin, even if I do end my days debt free having made my way on my own modest acreage (which I see as a distinct possibility btw) what about handing down land to children? Even my children, though having a head start, will (if they choose to follow this path) will have a hard go of it.

    Another consideration:
    If everyone like you and me who actually is willing to drop everything and do this thing needs to save a huge nest egg... oops. That aint good. That is really entering into the "miracle" terretory then. We would need an act of God to move the purse strings of the Church and give land grants to make it work in our lifetimes. Hey, I believe in miracles though. And until that miracle happens, I will be content to plod along and do the best I can for the future gens.

    Sorry if I sound like a downer! I actually am taking this stuff deadly serious and am just trying to be as realistic as possible.

  3. "We would need an act of God to move the purse strings of the Church and give land grants to make it work in our lifetimes."

    What I meant here was making a large movement out of this thing with many people in at least one or two large rural communities.

  4. The Branch Davidians tried it (in their own way). The Government doesn't like people who aren't under their thumb.

    1. What the heck are you smoking Bob.
      I thought about responding. Not worth it.

    2. I'm glad you value your readers so highly. Just trying to break your Catholic bubble with some non-reinforcing thought. If you'd prefer, I can take my time and comments elsewhere - don't want you to be uncomfortable.

      All I'm trying to point out is that 1. Government is evil, and 2. attempts to become more independent will be met with (potentially lethal) resistance.

      Another example is the 2008 raid on the Mormon sect. Disagree with their polygamy all you want, but at the end of the day they are doing what you are describing - setting up a community of like believers who live / work / worship together. It is a multi-generational community that had 401 of their children taken from them at gun-point.

      As for smoking - I enjoy a nice pipe of Grand Marnier flavored tobacco now and then. What are you smoking?