"I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history." -Cardinal Francis George

Monday, June 21, 2010

To my Extended Family

Because most of us have worshipped in separated communions for decades anyway, this change might elicit a yawn from some of you. But if you are disturbed, worried, or I can clarify anything, please let me know. I don't expect you to be happy for us, but if there are areas that are grossly misunderstood, In which we could come to understanding or if I could alleviate fears you may have for your brother/uncle/(fill-in-the-blank) and his family, I hope I can at least get a chance to do so. Lay it on me. For instance, we will not need to be re baptised as some people have warned us we would. Also, the Catholic church believes you (as a faithful Pentecostal, Baptist, Dispensationalist, Reformed, etc.) are NOT anathema and are going to heaven when you die because of Christ. So lay your concerns on me and I'll see if I can try to dispel some if I can. Don't worry about offending me. Any well reasoned, charitable dialog is welcomed by me as my extended family relationships are next in importance to my family ones. Feel free to comment on this post with any questions/concerns. In short, I still love Jesus, and I still love you! -David


  1. As a PCUSA member, I applaud you for your forthrightness and honesty. I've come to the same conclusions regarding the RCC. I too am tired of the constant splintering into multiple "popedoms". There has to be some center point. I'm teetering and might find myself wet in the Tiber before long.

  2. Welcome Home David! As a cradle Catholic of 52 years, I love the wise insight of converts, David, you comments on submission were awesome in the letter to your congregation. The richness of the church Jesus founded, can never be exhausted, I learn everyday, and thank God every day for the gift of my Catholic faith...God bless you

  3. David Family,

    You have my deepest sympathy.


  4. Congratulations. I celebrated my sixth year just yesterday. It only gets better, and better, and better.

  5. Mr.Di Giacomo,

    Did you mean David's extended family or his immediate family (or both)?

    As an extended family member that is not overjoyed and will say more eventually, I am just curious.

  6. Hey Ron!
    You left a comment without using the words "Romanist" or "Romish"! Good for you buddy! That is a big step for you. Next you'll be saying the Rosary I bet. ;) Kidding dude.


  7. To my extended family:
    Still waiting folks...
    Wow, each of your denominations thinks that the Roman Catholic Church preaches a false gospel and none of you wants to write even a single paragraph to tell me why I should not convert? If any of you joined the Jehovahs Witnesses I would be on you like white on rice to make you understand your mistake. I guess either
    (A)you dont think Rome preaches a false gospel or (B)you have never examined the falsity of it's gospel enough to convince anyone of it. (which is an utterly embarasing failure on your part, and very passive/aggresive considering what your denominations believe about Catholicism) Or
    (C)(I hope this isnt it) you just don't give a shit if my family goes to hell.

    Keep on smiling!